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What is Squeeki?

Welcome back to fun, safe, and sanitized bowling!  Squeeki Ball, a sanitizing system for bowling balls was launched during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Bill Diamond, CEO of the Spins Bowl chain of bowling centers, needed a solution for sanitizing bowling balls.  Like most innovative products, Squeeki Ball was born to solve the specific industry problem of virus spread through public use of bowling balls.  


Working together, Bill Diamond, who also owns a design and engineering electronic manufacturing company, worked with long-time colleague Mehrdad Ghalebi, CEO of the engineering consulting firm MTK-Group, to rapidly develop and bring to market Squeeki.

Squeeki Ball is an enhanced bowling ball cleaning and sanitization system that will be rolled out to all thirteen Spins Bowl entertainment centers in New York, Ohio, and Michigan.  Traditional methods of sanitizing bowling balls have essentially been non-existent, and the Squeeki Ball solution addresses that.  The goal is to maximize the disinfection and speed with which bowling staff and customers can sanitize bowling balls.


“Spins Bowl operates high end bowling venues. We want our customers to be able to enjoy the higher quality food and beverage we offer while they bowl, without worry. With this in mind we are committed to creating an environment that is as safe as possible for our guests and staff to enjoy the fun and excitement of bowling, “says Bill Diamond, CEO of Spins Bowl LLC.

The new cleaning and sanitizing system along with other enhanced procedures are permanent changes to Spins Bowl.  In addition, Diamond and Ghalebi plan to make the Squeeki Ball available to other bowling operators as well.  “I’ve felt for years that the industry needed as simple solution for customer to feel more confident in the cleanliness of bowling balls,” says Diamond, “and with Covid we felt that we needed to come up with a solution and we want to share it with other operators.”

In addition to the Squeeki Ball system, the partnership will be launching a UV lighting system for bathrooms and other high traffic areas.




Spray bowling ball with sanitizing solution.


Use the tool provided to clean the finger holes.


Roll ball into secondary sanitization chamber, place it on the rotator cup, with the Center pin inserted in one of the finger holes.


Make sure the metal door is closed, hit the start button.


Wait until the cycle is complete and the red light goes out. Remove the ball and enjoy your game.


Never open door during cycle, UV exposure hazard.



System Dimensions  -  2 ft x  4 ft


Max heat generated  -  104 degrees Fahrenheit


Unit price  -  MSRP of $1950



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